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Time To Do Some Gardening

4 Ways to Get to Know Him Better

· Spiritual Growth,Knowing God

By Carrie Chan | Church In Motion

I was standing there with sweat pouring down my face, shovel in hand and no closer to my goal than I had been 30 minutes before. When I saw the weed knew it would be a wicked one because of all the little thorns all over it to stab you when you tried to touch it. It had gotten big, ugly and I had let it grow way too long. So, I armed myself with gloves and went outside to tackle it. IT had other plans. When I started to pull, it would not budge. This was no ordinary eyesore and it would not give up easily. I needed reinforcements. Grabbing the shovel next to the porch, I dug. And dug. And dug some more. This thing was deep and thick. When I couldn't find the end of the root, I tried to sever the root from the plant. Did I mention how thick it was? NOT HAPPENING!

I just had to dig deeper.

When I finally got to the bottom of that thing, I jerked it out and threw it across the yard as hard as I could sling it.

Growing up, I developed a wrong way of thinking about God.

I felt like I had to look out for lightning bolts because He was out to get me. He was lurking around watching every wrong move I made, making a list and checking it twice. Now, when I read the truth about God in the Word, it collides with my old “stinking” thinking. It reminds me a lot of that deep-rooted cantankerous weed. Some of these ideas were formed from thoughts that have been around since I began thinking and now I have to dig them up and throw them out. God says to cast down every imagination and every high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. If the thoughts we have were fleeting it’d be no big deal, but when they take root it could be problematic because they choke out fruit producing thoughts. Our thinking in every area of our life is so important, especially on how we perceive God.

Time to do some gardening!

4 ways to get to know Him better:


I used to go to church and just listen to the preacher or Sunday school teacher without question. The Bible stories were great, but I didn’t read the Bible for myself and I didn’t understand them. It caused a lot of weeds to take root. A lot of weeds sprang up from this. Deeply embedded untruths about an Almighty wonderful God consumed my outlook. It has taken a loooooong time to realize these ideas have been choking out my joy. I don’t want them back. Some are big and some are small, but I keep plucking them out and tossing them as far as I can. I have asked God to reveal all of the lies that the enemy has fed me about Him, so I can be transformed and have fruitful thoughts.

That brings me to point two…..


My husband told me recently that after he prayed one morning, he said Amen and checked that off his mental list. Then, he hung up the phone or rather that is how he felt.

Bye, Arrivederci, Sayonara, Adios Amigo

God doesn’t want us to hang up though.

We should be in constant communication with Him. 24/7. He tells us to pray without ceasing. He wants to be a part of every teeniest tiniest detail in our lives, but He is not going to force that friendship on us. Don’t get so caught up in how to pray and just talk to Him and while you are at it, let Him talk to you too. He is mindful of us and thinking about us, and He loves us so much.

So much in fact, that He gave us His Word…


To know more of Him and what He thinks about everything….read His Word. He will show us what He wants for us and lead us and guide us with it. His Word does not​ come back to Him void, but goes out to do everything that He called it to do. Why do we try to put things together without reading the directions? Tim the Toolman Taylor was notorious for not reading directions or trying to put things together in his own way. It was ALWAYS disastrous. The time he decided to put rocket fuel in the grill because he wanted to “soup it up”, he sent it into space. He adjusted things to the way he thought they should work without looking at the instruction manual. It got him into trouble over and over again. We are the same way. The Word is our guide, BUT we try to do things on our own. There is so much more to God than just asking Jesus into our hearts. We may get saved, but we stop there and we do not find out what else God is all about. The Word is part of our armor. The Sword of the Spirit is a powerful weapon and will bring us closer to Him.

{Sorry for the “old school reference”. You may need to google Tim the Toolman Taylor}



This is a biggie right here, because without faith it is impossible to please Him. We must believe He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. So many of those Bible stories I heard about growing up were all about faith. When you get a hold of this it puts everything in a new light. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would lay in bed in the dark? The moonlight would come in the window and make everything in your room look weird. When your mom came to flip on the switch to see what you were yelling about, the monster in the corner became your chair covered in dirty clothes. When we walk by faith and not by sight, we gain a whole new perspective on who God really is.

What are you thinking?

If you haven’t thought about what you’re thinking you should ponder on it. Better yet, ask God to bring your attention to thoughts and ideas that do not line up with His Word, especially the ones that are wrong about Him. He is the most important relationship we can have and we should draw near to Him so He can draw near to us.

Start digging!

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