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Summer of Psalms:

I.      NATURAL REVELATION (Psalm 19:1-6)

It is natural to appreciate beauty in nature. This was especially true of former shepherd-boy turned king. In Psalm 19:1-3, David wrote of the nighttime glory and splendor of God’s handiwork in the heavens. Today it is like going camping on a high mountain top and sleeping out under the stars on a summer night. In a clear sky, where the city lights are distant, you will see a cascading panorama of myriads of stars, close enough to almost touch. Occasionally you may see a shooting star darting across the heavens. It is so beautiful it is difficult to get to sleep.

This is probably what David had in mind when he penned these verses. He attributed it all to God’s glory literally “bubbling up” yohnaah, of his handiwork. To him it is something like a beautifully embroidered tapestry. The result of all of this was that day and night, God’s creation in outer space quietly spoke volumes to our planet. This message is easily heard worldwide by people all over our earth.

But the main feature in all of this, in vv 4-6, is the dominance of the sun. In this passage the sun is like a bridegroom coming out of his wedding chamber in the morning. It is like a champion racer running his course. In other words, what stands out in the psalm, while describing our star studded universe at night, is the reigning power of the sun that shines out to all our world, each day. Its presence is essential to maintaining life on earth.

But with a simple discussion of natural revelation in verses 1-6 can merely create an interest in nature. With just this information, we would all subscribe to the National Geographic and enroll in an online environmental course. The naturalist has a great interest in our physical world but little concern for the condition of one’s soul. But the discerning spirit longs for more.

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