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· Spiritual Growth

By Carrie Chan | Church In Motion

Who loves water ballon fights?

The absolute best on a hot day

You fill up your balloons, hunt your friends down while they are hopefully hunting you too. It is hotter than blue blazes outside!!! That is when you want one of those wet, cold balloons to smash right into the side of your face and you wouldn’t even care.

Okay…..can you tell that while I’m writing this, it’s a scorching day in North Carolina. I’m a mountain girl transplanted from East Tennessee. Cut me some slack.

What about a good water gun fight?

You fill up your big super soaker and chase each hoping to get caught …...okay, okay, is this air conditioner working?

I do actually have a point…..

The other night the Fam and I went to a cookout where the kids played with water balloons and water guns and soaked each other from head to toe. They mercilessly snuck up on one another and blasted. When they ran out of water, they refilled their guns over and over and over. Every time they filled up they were ready for the attack.


Ready for a real enemy that comes to steal kill and destroy us. We can’t fight on empty!



"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God"

Attend to His Word…..In other words…..


Pay attention to what He says.

"Incline your ear to my sayings."

We fill our ears with a lot of stuff. I have four children and a very boisterous husband. I am well acquainted with lots of noise. I can tune out too easy though. Just ask my husband and my kids.

“Mom……….mom!” It has gotten me into trouble a few times.

Sometimes when I am barely listening, the kids will ask me if they can do something and I have agreed before I even know what they have said.

“Who said you could jump off the roof? What? Me?”

We all have busy lives that make it hard to focus sometimes. We hear a lot going on around us, but we don’t listen. We have to make time though to take in God’s Word. It pertains to everything we do and it fills our faith.


"Don't let them depart from your eyes."

I have had a Bible as far back as I can remember. I didn't ever use it though. My Granny and Grandad got me this beautiful Bible with a maroon leather cover and HOLY BIBLE in gold letters on the front. My name was written inside along with the date they gave it to me. It stayed on my dresser most of the time. I did open it to put in pretty bookmarks. I took it to church with me and probably opened it there a few times, but for the most part it stayed closed.

Not an effective way to build your faith.

One day, a few years ago God said, “Wake UP!!!!” (Another blog for another time) I had let the enemy sneak up on me like those kids were doing and try to soak me. I bought a new Bible though and this time didn’t just use it for a paper weight and pretty bookmarks. I read and God began to speak to me through His word and teach me about faith. I armed myself with a pretty big super soaker….um I mean sword and fought baK.

You have to get into the Word for yourself daily to hear from Him!


"Guard your heart with all diligence."

What you put in your heart comes out your mouth.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I am very choosy about the words that I say. Sometimes I get teased about it, but it’s okay. I just took that part literally where it says that the power of life and death are in the tongue. When you fill your heart up with the Word, it will flow out of your mouth about whatever situation you are in. You can’t fight satan in your head. When he throws a thought at you that does not go along with what God says about you,your spouse, your kids, your life….. then you have to speak what God does say about it.

The more you fill your faith up, the more faith you will speak.


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