• About Us


    Our goal is to be an effective vehicle for the mission of God to bring restoration & reconciliation to our community. We live this mission out in three simple ways:

    Love people as they are and where they are.


    Lead people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


    Launch people into their mission.

  • CIM Code of Values


    We choose to live by faith, crazy audacious faith, because we believe God still does the impossible. We pray because it changes things, both within us and around us.


    We pursue growth because living things grow. We pursue growth as individuals to mature in Christ and as a body to expand God’s kingdom. Numbers are important because each number is a person.


    We value creativity not only in the arts and worship but in everything we do. Our desire is to make Christ’s face fresh through our music, atmosphere, outreaches, and systems.


    God’s kingdom is a mosaic of people therefore we desire to reflect that by being a diverse group of people of various ethnic, social, and economic cultures. Our differences make us stronger.


    We can’t complete the mission on our own. God has gifted each of us with something to bring to the mission and designed us to live in community. We are better together.


    Because He gave all, we should give all. We surrender our time, energy, resources, and will not only out of our excess but out of sacrifice. We are not looking for the easy road.


    The Creator does good work. We do our best with everything we have to be effective in reaching others and to honor God in all our efforts. We go the extra mile because little things matter.


    We are people so we have conflict, both internally and externally. We recognize that conflict is part of life and helps us grow and change. We strive to handle conflict with grace and mercy, but we won’t run from it.


    Every person is created by God. We demonstrate love to all of humanity even when humanity is at its worst. We show mercy and work for justice for all people.


    We are quick to give to those in need and to the mission of God. We choose to live as though everything we have belongs to God and we are simply stewards. We jump at a chance to give.


    We change and adapt to be most effective in fulfilling God’s mission. We hold tightly to scripture and dependence on God, everything else usually needs some remodeling, adjustment, or retirement. We are not looking for comfort or the status quo.

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